Our Process

Diving in

This is where it all starts. You talk, we listen.

You tell us your story, your mission, and expectations. Then we do our research and review your marketing channels, processes, and structure.

This stage is essential as we gain an understanding of who you are, what you sell, who you want to reach, why, and how. And if you don’t know answers to these questions yet, we’ll help you identify them.


This is where we map out our journey.

After evaluating your marketing and communication channels, we construct a plan with steps that will help you achieve your goals. You will get a clear vision of the time, budget, effort, and results. 

Collaboration works both ways, so we expect your full support to help us achieve the best results.


This is the fun part.

Our team gets busy with brainstorming, drafting, and designing the outlines. We pull our sleeves up and start building your strategy, branding, and content strategy. 

The goal in this stage is to create a finished and complete project that will check all the critical checkboxes – with a few extra.


This is where the hand over happens.

Ok, so imagine you’re happy with the proposal; we are delighted you’re happy. Now what? 

We don’t want to leave you with a gift you don’t know how to use; otherwise, our work doesn’t have any purpose. 

A personalized project means nothing if you don’t get proper guidance. We help you to understand how to proceed with the given strategy and we also coach your team to get full authority over the marketing processes.

The "Click"

This is where data and storytelling meet.

In every machine, once all the parts fit, you hear a click. The last step is the one that connects all the pieces of the puzzle. When it comes to digital marketing it’s quite simple to follow up and analyse your initiatives. However, you can also get lost in many dashboards that you don’t see the story behind the data.

We help you create custom-made dashboards that will keep you and your team laser focused on your goals. By combining data and storytelling, it’s easier to interpret what needs improvement and ways to improve it.

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