About us

Some things in life are better when they come in multiples. For example, friends, sunny days, beers, and well, freelancers! 

The 23 collective came to life because both Vanja and I realised our skills were limited and we wanted to help out our clients more. We started connecting the dots between our complementary skills and interests to create a full-blown vision of a freelance collective. We brainstormed every Wednesday morning. Finally, 23 came into the world wide web on 14th August 2020. 

If you want to become part of the collective, drop us a line!

Marketing & Copywriting

Iva Divic

Iva either loves something or hates it. For example, she loves being a freelancer. She hates writing in the third person about herself. 

Already as a kid, Iva showed a great passion for art as she was bred as a ballerina. Later on, she studied Art History, which shaped her critical mind but also taught her how to find beauty in everything.

Life doesn’t always turn up the way we planned. Instead of becoming a ballerina or a curator, she discovered marketing. Soon she realized how much lousy marketing there is out there. Hence, she committed to do marketing that will actually make sense to companies and, more importantly, to their customers. 

Iva loves animals (except mosquitoes – does anyone know why they exist?), and she adores her two cats, Luna and Alaska. To keep her restless feet happy, she enjoys running and doing yoga. To keep her soul at peace, Iva loves to create collages, write poems, and cook vegan food.

And dance, obviously.

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Design & Data

Vanja Ivancevic

Yes, designers often have glasses and beards and wear Pink Floyd t-shirts. Still, Vanja is anything but your average graphic design dude. Fascinated by UX, web design, and thoughtful layouts, he draws a big deal of his inspiration from art, design, and architecture. Simplicity with a punch is his credo. Maybe that’s why he is also a big fan of sushi. 

He loves projects where he is learning about new technologies and exploring unconventional ideas. As an authentic non-perfectionist, his only real obsession is creating efficient processes and no BS design. 

If you don’t find Vanja behind his screen messing in Adobe Illustrator or playing video games, he’s probably listening to audiobooks, modding his computer, or playing hoops. 

Since becoming a freelancer, he’s embraced the latest fad of digital nomadism and will use any opportunity to get away from his usual residence in Vienna to explore life, culture and culinary tradition in east Asia.

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